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Unveiling Timeless Elegance: A Conversation with Mariana Raar, Founder of Marargent

Timeless Elegance: Marargent crafts enduring pieces; simplistic designs meant to transcend generations with sophistication. Artistic Fusion: Vintage influences and iconic artists inspire Marargent, celebrating craftsmanship and aesthetic simplicity. Craftsmanship Meets...

  • Timeless Elegance: Marargent crafts enduring pieces; simplistic designs meant to transcend generations with sophistication.
  • Artistic Fusion: Vintage influences and iconic artists inspire Marargent, celebrating craftsmanship and aesthetic simplicity.
  • Craftsmanship Meets Legacy: Quality materials and Mariana Raar's passions merge, defining enduring sophistication in timeless designs.

Sosquil is extremely happy to announce the introduction of Marargent luxury handbags into our portfolio of unique and timeless fashion accessories.

Read on to learn more about the brand, the inspiration behind its style and getting to know Marargent’s founder Mariana Raar.

Marargent is more than a luxury accessories brand; it's a testament to enduring elegance and craftsmanship. Mariana Raar, the driving force behind Marargent, shares her vision of creating pieces that transcend time. With a focus on durability and sophistication, the brand's versatile and simplistic designs are crafted to be cherished across generations, featuring exquisite materials like Bovine Leather, Calfskin Suede, and 24k Gold Plating.


Inspired by vintage accessories, nature's beauty, and the artistic legacies of icons like Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Paulin, and Constantin Brâncuși, Marargent reflects an amalgamation of timeless influences. Mariana Raar's commitment to luxury extends beyond opulence; it's about infusing quality into each handmade piece, celebrating aesthetic simplicity, natural grace, and impeccable detailing.

Mariana Raar's journey with Marargent is a testament to her dedication to merging artistic inspirations into enduring creations. Her pursuit of creating accessories that encapsulate artistry and sophistication while standing the test of time defines the essence of Marargent—where craftsmanship meets timeless elegance.

Conversation Transcript:

Ale: Mariana, tell us about the genesis of Marargent. How did it all begin?

Mariana Raar: It’s a story that started quite unexpectedly. It all began with a deep appreciation for art, vintage accessories, and an unyielding passion for being a full-time mom. My journey into designing exquisite handbags stemmed from the desire to create something both timeless and aesthetically relevant. Tired of investing in trendy handbags that lost their appeal over time, I sought to craft pieces that could endure generations, something more than just a fleeting fashion statement.

Ale: That's fascinating. How did you incorporate these diverse inspirations into your designs?

Mariana Raar: I embarked on this pursuit by delving into my interests in art, architecture, and mid-century design. The first bag, "Pierre," which emerged from my musings, fused elements from my favorite sofa, the iconic Alpha by Pierre Paulin, and the expressive hands from The Cathedral by Auguste Rodin. This design journey wasn’t merely about creating accessories; it was about infusing my personal passions into each piece.


Ale: That's truly captivating. Could you share more about the name "Marargent"?

Mariana Raar: Certainly! The name "Marargent" is an amalgamation of my name and my husband's last name, "Plata," which translates to "argent" in French. It’s a reflection of our identities intertwined within the essence of the brand.

Ale: How do you balance being a dedicated mom and a passionate designer?

Mariana Raar: It’s a juggling act, but a fulfilling one. I prioritize my roles - dropping off my kids at school, indulging in some gym time, and then immersing myself in Marargent’s world while hiking and working from anywhere possible. Afterward, my focus shifts entirely to my children—baking, playing, and spending quality time. It’s a busy but rewarding schedule.

Ale: Your commitment to Latin American craftsmanship is admirable. How does this cultural influence manifest in Marargent's creations?

Mariana Raar: Latin America exudes a rich tapestry of craftsmanship, which deeply inspires me. At Marargent, we prioritize recognizing and showcasing the exceptional talent of artisans within our region. We source all our materials directly from Colombia, ensuring that the exquisite bovine leather and metals like bronze and gold reflect the mastery of our local artisans.

Ale: That's truly commendable. Any dream destinations to showcase Marargent?

Mariana Raar: Absolutely! Le Bon Marché is a place where I envision Marargent shining. It's a dream to have our creations exhibited in such a prestigious space.

Ale: Lastly, could you share some of your favorite artists who have left a lasting impact on your designs?

Mariana Raar: Rodin and Matisse hold a special place in my heart. Their artistic prowess and expressive styles continue to resonate deeply with me, influencing the soul of Marargent

Ale’s thoughts: (Ale to write her conclusion here)...

Mariana Raar's dedication to blending her passions into timeless designs at Marargent reflects not only in her creations but also in her commitment to family and craftsmanship. Her journey continues, fueled by artistry and a relentless pursuit of creating pieces that transcend time and trends.

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Check out the Marargent collection here (link to collection)


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