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Effortlessly feminine, entirely natural, endlessly refined...

Clothing created to reorient women back to a true North with a sense of lineage and longevity, directing us toward a better future of slow fashion.



Inspired by those moments when you just want to flow and not be restricted


Painting Your Style Story: Spring/Summer 2024 Color Trends Unveiled by Fashion Experts

Your Style Palette: Embrace lilac, royal blue, cherry red, nature-inspired greens, and soft pastels. Fashion as Expression: Let colors tell your story; paint your unique fashion canvas. Colors in fashion...

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Unveiling Timeless Elegance: A Conversation with Mariana Raar, Founder of Marargent

Timeless Elegance: Marargent crafts enduring pieces; simplistic designs meant to transcend generations with sophistication. Artistic Fusion: Vintage influences and iconic artists inspire Marargent, celebrating craftsmanship and aesthetic simplicity. Craftsmanship Meets...

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Stepping into Spring/Summer 2024: 10 Inspirational Ideas To Help Curate Your Own Unique Style!

Spring/Summer 2024 Fashion Trends Unveiled: Get ready to embrace individuality and redefine your style with these ten mesmerizing trends. Curate Your Unique Canvas: Fashion isn’t just about trends; it's a...

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Sosquil is a curated fashion platform featuring emerging designers and creatives. Aesthetically, we are stepping away from what is expected. Our look is classic but modern and encompasses a more neutral palate with a fresh take that can be easily translated and digested.